Agedashi Tofu $ 7.00

Fried Tofu garnished with sweet soy sauce

Bulgogi Fries $ 13.00

Seasoned French Fries Smothered with Korean Beef Bulgogi, Kimchi and Melted Cheddar Cheese and Topped with Spicy Mayo

Calamari $ 8.00

Lightly Breaded Squid Legs served with spicy Japanese Mayo

Calamari Squid Legs $ 8.00

Calamari Squid Legs

Chicken Karaage $ 8.00

Bite-sized Marinated Japanese Fried Chicken Served with House Mayo & Tonkatsu

Edamame $ 5.00

Steamed Edamame tossed with Sea Salt

Gyoza $ 7.00

(6 Pieces) Pork & Chicken Filled Pot Stickers (Steamed, Deep Fried or Pan Fried)

Kenji’s Hand Breaded Wings $ 7.00

Korean Buffalo, Sweet Soy Garlic, Kaizen BBQ, Zesty Sweet Chilli, Lemon Peper, Buldak Hot and Spicy (4, 6, 10 Piece)

Korokke Potato Pancake $ 6.00

Japanese Hash Brown Served with Served with House Mayo & Tonkatsu

Takoyaki $ 7.00

Octopus Dumplings (6 Pieces)